My Choir Member Resolutions for 2015

This January, let’s all be honest with ourselves. In 2015, we’re probably not going to lose 20 pounds; we’re probably not going to run a marathon; and we’re definitely not going to go vegan (or paleo or gluten-free…). This year, I invite choir members everywhere to join me in my achievable New Year’s resolutions:


1. I resolve to follow the conductor’s tempo, not make up my own.

2. I resolve to practice my music in between rehearsals… sometimes…

3. I resolve to observe all rests as they were written by the composer.

4. I resolve to breathe at the same time as the rest of my section… or not at the same time as anyone else in my section, depending on the direction of the conductor.

5. I resolve to not make fun of the sopranos… as much.

6. I resolve to recruit a bass or a tenor into my community choir (yes, a MALE tenor).

7. I resolve to leave my Nashville vowels at home.

8. I resolve to take care of myself, so I don’t get a terrible hacking cough exactly one day before the choir’s winter peformance.

9. I resolve to pronounce the Latin correctly.

10. I resolve to always have fun at rehearsals, love every moment of performances, enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow choir members and share the joy of music at every opportunity.

What are your musical resolutions for 2015?

2 thoughts on “My Choir Member Resolutions for 2015

  1. Tami Griffith

    Those were all awesome! I resolve to do them all. I will try to be healthier so I can actually sing in the spring concert! I will love every rehearsal and try to get to know more members in the choir. I will always obey Michael and Luke! I will practice breathing better so I can sustain the last note for extended periods of time so we sound awesome! I will always be grateful for all this incredible music and all our leaders!

  2. Valerie Burton

    My usual response to this time of year is “My only resolution is to not make any resolutions.” However, I love this list of resolutions. They are “doable”. I will add one more. I resolve to NEVER take my association with Utah Voices for granted. It has provided me with opportunities and blessings far beyond what I could have ever imagined. Love you all.

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