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Utah Voices Season 5 – From the Mountains of Utah to Music Halls of New York

The two most important words for Utah Voices in Season 5 are: Carnegie Hall. The chorus has been invited by Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) to perform at Carnegie Hall, under the direction of our very own Dr. Michael Huff. Utah Voices will give the New York premier of Kurt Bestor’s “Timpanogos: Prayer for Mountain Grace,” a 30-minute tone poem for large chorus and orchestra on June 22, 2014.

Season 5 will also build on the foundation and reputation established in the four previous seasons (“no boring concerts!”). Returning in January, Broadway Bingo has become the choir’s signature event, complete with bingo cards, prizes, classic and new show tunes, and the greatest hosts this side of the 42nd Street—the incredibly talented and funny Kelly DeHaan and Jennifer Hohl.

The 2013-2014 season will also be one of continuing partnerships and new collaborations. Utah Voices will once again join with Utah’s premier community orchestra, the Salt Lake Symphony, to perform Ernst Bloch’s masterpiece, “Sacred Service.” The performance will be guest-conducted by one of the preeminent choral conductors in the world today, Dr. Anton Armstrong, conductor of the world-renowned St. Olaf College Choir.

The concert season will begin with an established favorite: singer/songwriter Cori Connors will join the choir for a holiday concert filled with music to take the audience from Thanksgiving to Christmas, with songs about home, harvest, family, and Jesus Christ, including John Rutter’s triumphal “Gloria.”

Utah Voices is more than a month into rehearsals, working hard to make this our best season yet. We hope you will join us!

Utah Voices 2013-2014 Season

November 30, 2013 – Home for the Holidays, with special guest Cori Conners
January 23, 2014 – Broadway Bingo 4, with Kelly DeHaan and Jenny Hohl
April 26, 2014 – Sacred Sounds, with Salt Lake Symphony and guest conductor Dr. Anton Armstrong
June 22, 2014 – Timpanogos: Prayer for Mountain Grace, at Carnegie Hall

All concerts at Libby Gardner Concert Hall except June 22.

No Boring Concerts!

The room is dark and your chair is comfy. Vague distant music lulls you into sleepiness and your eyelids droop heavily. Your head bobs and suddenly you jerk upright and try to refocus your bleary eyes on the lighted singer-filled stage. You, my friend, are at a boring choir concert.

Broadway Bingo 3

Everyone who has a child or parent or spouse or sibling or friend who sings has been to at least one boring choir concert. Of course you’re happy to be there and be supportive, but since you’re obligated to 9303923715_8ce6470f968658061375_b8a4599dd1_cattend, wouldn’t it be nice if the concert could at least be fun?

At Utah Voices, we think so. In the words of Artistic Director Dr. Michael Huff, “I know what it’s like to be bored beyond comprehension while sitting through a concert.  And I simply will not afflict other humans with this experience.”  In fact, the rallying cry of “no boring concerts!” was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Utah Voices four years ago. Utah is blessed with many great community choirs, and Dr. Huff and the Board of Directors knew that if they were going to launch another one, it had to be special. They wanted to create an entertaining and inspiring experience for the audiences members who were “obligated” to be there (thanks, family and friends!) and for those with no tie to the choir, who simply like to listen to music and have fun.

Not sure if a choir concert can really be fun? Wait until you’re shouting “BINGO” between songs and taking home prizes, (mark your calendar for Broadway Bingo 4, January 23!)

Dr. Huff’s eclectic musical background provides a wide array of styles and references to keep Utah Voices concerts decidedly not-boring. Drop in on a concert or rehearsal, and you’ll likely hear classical, Broadway, folk, rock, jazz, maybe even some disco.

Choir members have embraced “no boring concerts” as the unofficial motto of Utah Voices, because “no boring concerts” also means no boring rehearsals—and those rehearsal hours can really add up, so not-boring is important. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to sing to an audience that is… awake.